How Much Do You Know?

How Much Do You Know?

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Pandemic Book List

Pandemic Reading - My Last 5 Books

For me, sheltering in place began March 5 when family left Austin to spend some time in California and took the dogs and got stuck there.


For the last three months, it’s been the cat and me.  Which means I’ve had plenty of time to read.

What I read is scattered between fiction and non-fiction.

These are the last five books I’ve finished.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone – Lori Gottlieb – This turned out to be a self-help/memoir.  Maybe would have found a bit more interesting and memorable if it was more self-help and less memoir.  Recommend? – If you want a little inside baseball about therapy and a therapist’s life.

Dear Life – Alice Munro – Good examples of the Nobel Prize winning Canadian short story writer writing about people’s lives in Canada.  Compelling to read.  This volume includes several stories that are autobiographical. Recommend? – Yes

All Adults Here – Emma Stroub – Good story, well drawn characters.  Much fun to read.  Realizations and truths about a family — light-hearted.  If there was such a thing — great beach reading.  Recommend? – Yes

Madame Bovary – Lydia Davis translation – this was supposed to be a re-read but I think I read it the first time when I was twelve or maybe twenty-five.  Nothing was very familiar.    Wanted to catch up on the classics while there seemed like there was endless time. By now we all know a Madame Bovary. Recommend? – Yes

Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng – I don’t think I was planning on reading this book but I read the first page and couldn’t stop reading.  A little too plot-ty for my taste.  Collision of two families in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Recommend? – eh?

What have you been reading while being stuck at home?

Transportation Update

Transportation Update

I’ll be down to get you in an Uber honey
You’d better be ready around half past eight
Ah baby don’t be late I want to be there when the band starts honeyn