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The Way We Feel, Too

Skepticism and Wonder

“Both skepticism and wonder are skills that need honing and practice. Their harmonious marriage within the mind of every schoolchild ought to be a principal goal of public education. I’d love to see such a domestic felicity portrayed in the media, television especially: a community of people really working the mix — full of wonder, generously open to every notion, dismissing nothing except for good reason, but at the same time, and as second nature, demanding stringent standards of evidence — and these standards applied with at least as much rigor to what they hold dear as to what they are tempted to reject with impunity.”

Carl Sagan

Britain Votes to Leave European Union

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union , shocking the country’s political establishment and sending the British pound to its lowest point since 1985, The Wall Street Journal reports. Read...

David Cameron Resigns Following Brexit Vote

Prime Minister David Cameron, who led the failed campaign to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union, has announced that he will resign by October. His successor will have the responsibility of deciding when to authorize Article 50, initiating Britain’s...

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