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I’m Dan Perlman and I write Enquiring Mimes. I’m a marketing, social media and technology geek. You can find me around the net as Techgolem.

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Welcome to Enquiring Mimes.

Knowledge is power. Not a new idea, at this point it’s been said enough times to become trite in the 400 odd years since Sir Francis Bacon first wrote it.

Here at Enquiring Mimes we think today’s master skill is understanding and being able to use technology to get things done.

Our kids have been using computers, iPods and computer games since they were born. If we spent our “kid years” in the 50s, 60s or the 70s it wasn’t the same for us. The PC came on the scene in 1981, the Macintosh in 1984, that means if you’re over 27, you’re playing catch up.

We’re not saying you need every new piece of software, website and gadget, but we think it is important to know which ones are valuable and are going to be able to help you work a little better, a little more efficiently or being able to enjoy your life outside of work and playtime more.

Here at we’re committed to getting you information so that you don’t have to ask the “16-year-old next door” how to configure your computer or setup your TiVo.

We hope you enjoy Enquiring Mimes and find it useful. Please comment on posts or send feedback using the contacts form.



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