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I started writing Enquiring Mimes in 2008 and continued into 2009. At the beginning I was dead serious about the project and had a vision for what purpose the blog should serve, and that went something like helping adults (my generation) understand technology.

That was noble enough goal but writing a blog five to seven days a week has to be an essentially comfortable endeavor, which means you tend to write about what interests you and what you’re comfortable with sharing. “Mimes” first morphed into technology and new open source applications and then by late 2008 became more and more personal with posts about cooking, my little boy and then the Obama election.

I had gotten the idea of writing a blog from doing a little freelance blogging for hire for a short-lived technical site called Techlusive. Having found the gig on Craigslist, I think I got paid $10 per entry.

At the time I was impressed or at least starstruck by Mike Arrington and TechCrunch and thought I could do something similar. I had started the site with the cute but untenable name of Enquiringmimes. Cute huh? Like Enquiring Mimes want to know, get it? Get it? Yuck.

I then decided to write another blog exclusively about tech startups and called it TechGolem. My love for Golems is rooted somewhere between the writings of Michael Chabon and Terry Pratchett. I’ve since worn out the franchise with MobileGolem and recently AustinGolem, yet to be published.

Writing about just tech startups turned out to be confining and never comfortable for me and I abandoned and restarted that blog repeatedly, the only thing I really liked about TechGolem was the name.

All the while I was running marketing for an enterprise software startup that was creating a desktop virtualization product called VERDE. Well, presto, that company, Virtual Bridges, got funded in 2009 with an “A” round by Austin Ventures and, puff, I had a more than a full-time day job. I’ve been working at that since.

Now it’s time to get back to it and scratch and shuffle again amongst the golems and the mimes.

The world, 2009, when I left this blog, was a world of no iPads, Firefox was the hot browser among the cool geeks, Google Chrome, Groupon and Android were still babies, TechCrunch was still the Tech website to watch, Twitter was still trying to justify itself and Windows 7 was only a few months old.

Shaking my head and taking a look around now, Jobs is gone (as are jobs), Arrington is a VC, the tech war is being fought over iPhone and Android and it seems technology companies would just as soon make their revenue from patents rather than innovation.

Well, I’m back. I live in Austin not Silicon Valley, the little baby that was featured in several posts and pictures is now four and walks, talks and plays with an iPad.

I could tell you what I’ll be writing about, but all we really know is it will be something that is interesting at least to me.

Welcome back to Enquiringmimes with the subtitle Techgolem.

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