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g1-hppAccording to a Twitter post by an Android developer, it seems that the Tmobile G1 android phone, introduced last year, has so little memory space it won’t be able allow any other further full OS updates after getting the recent “cupcake” release.

That would mean if you have a Tmobile G1, except for minor patches, it’s as good as it’s going to get.

The G1, the first phone based on Google’s open source operating system, was always quirky. It’s physical keyboard was nice — not as good as the Blackberry, but nice. The overall phone has a clunky feel that seems almost more like a breadboard or a lab prototype.

More about this topic, including an underwhelming denial by Tmobile, on AndroidandMe.

Personal note: I have been using a Tmobile G1 since last November but the decision to upgrade was made for me by my 2-year old last week when he tossed the G1 from the bedroom window. It didn’t bounce. I chose to upgrade to a Tmobile My-touch, the next generation Android phone. It doesn’t have a physical keyboard but seems much more polished than the G1. In other news, Sandra’s iPhone didn’t bounce either. Now she also has a Tmoble My-touch.

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