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google-chrome-logoI use the Google Chrome browser because it’s fast, clean and light.   Unfortunately because it is fast, clean, light and new it still lacks features you might expect in a browser.  Chrome’s bookmark management is especially lacking.

When I read news, I’m a compulsive ctrl-clicker on links that look interesting and that I want to read and write about later.  By the the time I’m finished, I have a very full window of tabs.  In Firefox I would choose to “Bookmark All Tabs”. To save the tabs, my only choice in native Chrome is to bookmark each tab separately.   That still won’t make them available to other browsers or other computers.

evernote-logoEvernote, the very powerful multi-platform free information storage and retrieval app comes to the rescue.  I just open a new note in Evernote and drag the contents of the URL bar from Chrome into the Evernote note.  It becomes a clickable link in Evernote.  When I’m finished, I can reorganize the links and annotate as to why they’re interesting and what I plan to do with them.  When I’m finished I have a  workplan for the day that can be synced via Evernote to other computers or used with any browser.

If would be nice if this also worked for creating links with Firefox, unfortunately when the contents of the URL bar from Firefox is dragged into Evernote, it’s not clickable.


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