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Image by manfred-hartmann via Flickr

Relationships are never easy, right?  Every say things you regret during an argument? I’m a master of this kind of regret.

When I saw this list on Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project site and couldn’t resist republishing it.

Gretchen’s book about her attempt to try the teachings of the ages on how to be happy is now available for pre-order.  I’ll be looking forward to the book and will review it when available.

Here’s her list of what not to say during an argument

  • Don’t start.
  • What’s that supposed to mean?
  • Haven’t we already had this conversation?
  • Can’t we talk about this later?
  • Never mind (sigh), it’s not important.
  • You always do that.
  • For once, could you XXX without making a big deal about it?
  • Enough already.
  • Can’t we just go?
  • My personal favorite: Can I tell you one thing?

As for me, I think I’m going to stop running to Twitter and airing how I’ve been wronged and looking for support.

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