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It seems that the more devices that include cameras, the more times your picture is going to be taken.  If a phone has a camera, one of your friends is going to use it to take a crappy picture of you.

Reader Digest lists 10 ways to look a little less crappy in those pictures.

Here’s five of their hints that I like — visit the RD site for the rest.

1. Focus your eyes just slightly above the camera lens, move your face forward a bit, and tip down your chin.

2. Put your tongue behind your teeth and smile, which will relax your face.

3. Keep your arms by your side—but not glued there. To look natural, they should be a little away from your body.

5. As a rule, avoid patterns.

7. Practice the classic model pose: Turn your body three quarters of the way toward the camera, with one foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the photographer. When you face forward, your body tends to look wider.

Jake Gives a Sideways Glance
Image by techgolem via Flickr
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