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qik-logoMy phone is a T-Mobile G1. That’s the one based on Google’s Android open source operating system. It’s a cool enough phone,   can do just about anything — make calls, check email, view web pages, search Google, take pictures, take videos — all that stuff.  It’s like an open source iPhone.

Truth is though, I’m not a big phone gadget user.  I mostly use my phone for “work” kind of stuff — you know phone and email.

That said, I recently downloaded a free application that makes my phone fun — it’s called Qik and it lets me shoot videos and immediately stream and share them to the website for viewing.  That means they’re immediately available — no extra uploading.

Think about it, you can invite relatives that can’t make it to your reunion to see what’s going on by letting them see in real time the festivities.

Qik is available for a multitude of phones — see here.

Visit Qik at

My Qik video from watching the dog run agility last weekend.

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