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Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day.  It’s been happening as an annual event since 1999.  Unfortunately, in my experience, too many office buildings bar bringing pets to work, to make it a common occurrence.  Of course at the offices of Enquiring Mimes everyday is take your dog to work and for that matter, take your baby to work day.

Kaley at Work Everyday

Kaley at Work Everyday

I often whine at the noise and distraction of working in a home office in what could easily be called one of the most distracting households in Mountain View, CA — the truth is, I really like having a chance to interact with Sandra, Kaley and Jake every day.

More on TYDTWD at Sandra’s SanSan’s Pups.

Trying to work on the couch

Trying to work on the couch Photo credit: Sandra Chow

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