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I got to do Father’s Day again yesterday.  That was the 2d one for me as Jake nears his 2d birthday.  Some of my presents came by way of blog posts since both “kids” blog — that’s Jake and Kaley corgi.

Here’s a preview if you’re looking for the inside story.

So what i am saying, is, i do not say “dad” yet, but he knows i love him and i know how to show it!


i do not want dad to over sleep….so i sorta bang him with the hotel clock…i think he is surprised to have to wake  up early….?? [17 months old] [from]


dad and me on a bike ride/walk the dog excursion??? No!  I snuck out and dad thought to ride round the block to find me after someone called and said I had been captured…. so dad pushed his bike and i had to walk! —maybe dad should get a bike basket????   [from]

Hope all you other dads had a great day yesterday.

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