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zoho-logoWhen it comes to impressing industry analysts and getting large corporations to deploy new technology what is required is something called “proof points”. They are tangible signs that organizations really are adopting the technology. For software companies it tends to be a “chicken” vs “egg” quandary — you can’t get adoption without having already gotten adoption.

Zoho, which has developed suites of web-based products, mostly free to consumers, looks like they’ve gotten some of the leverage that need in order to continue getting their products adopted. They’ve announced that NTT Communications, one of the largest Telcom companies in Japan is incorporating Zoho Mail and Zoho Office Suite into NTT’s cloud computing concept “Setten”.

It seems that the initial offering will be to 15 selected companies in Japan and will become commercial during FY 2009. Also interesting is that the Zoho suite will be hosted by NTT data centers and not Zoho’s giving NTT better control over the infrastructure and data.

Suspect we’ll see more and more organizations adopting Zoho and Google’s online offerings in cloud environments, greatly the reducing the organization’s application management costs and issues.

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