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Just to show no matter how we much all complain about never having enough time, today’s big news, besides anticipating tomorrow’s Northern Hemisphere World Naked Bike Ride (remember it is winter down south), is that at tonight at 9:01 PDT Facebook is going to start issuing “vanity” URL for user accounts.

If you want to participate and grab your name or your favorite nickname or Twitter Id — be prepared to login into your Facebook account tonight after (at) 9:01 PDT.  At that point you’ll get an automatic prompt to pick your new Facebook URL.

In practical terms this means it will be easier to share your Facebook page with your friends — you currently have a unique identifier for your account, but it’s hard to remember or share since it’s mostly numerics, mine is, not that I actually think of myself as 533595967.

Those of you not out here, set your alarm clocks.

Thanks, Caroline McCarthy @ CNET.

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