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typeweb_logoI’m old enough that when I was a kid learning to type meant you either wanted to be a secretary or a reporter. I took typing in High School, without enthusiasm, figuring that someday I’d have someone to type for me.

As I started to write more, I did eventually learn to hunt and peck on a manual portable typewriter seeing myself as an apprentice Hemingway.  Then something happened.  Sometime soon after 1981 when IBM introduced the PC, suddenly being able to type became a masterskill.   After a PC landed on my desk I realized I better learn to touch type.  I swung with Mavis Beacon, commercial typing tutor software that been available since 1987, and somewhat learned to use the full keyboard.

Now, TypingWeb allows you to learn typing and practice your typing skills,  online, and for free.   After free registration, you can begin your typing skill-building with exercises and visual cues.


The exercises are monitored and statistics are shown after each lesson.  Here’s mine, I still suck at accuracy.


Might as well start improving your typing to make yourself more productive today.  Look at how much time I could save if I really practiced typing.


Try it at typingweb [via ghacks]

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