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Just in case you have a need for more Gordon Ramsay now that his loud and disturbing  “Hells Kitchen” reality TV show is over, or you’d like to observe that the total dick Chef,  is a persona and Ramsay can appear fairly human — or just want to make great scramble eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast take a look at this short video.

Here are Chef’s  high points:

  • Whisk the eggs in the pan, don’t mix them before
  • Salt and pepper the eggs in the pan
  • Don’t let them overcook, keep taking the pan on and off the stove
  • Treat them like risotto as in make them creamy and fluffy

Enquiring Mimes scrambled egg pointers

  • He adds chives — green onions work, too
  • Add a splash of hot sauce to the eggs in the pan while whisking for a little zing , Tabasco or Thai  Sriracha

Yes, Chef!

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