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In the good tool gets gooder department, today we have a new update to Google’s Chrome browser. With the new update comes a few new features which include:

New Tab Page Improved: The New Tab page in Chrome, by default, shows large thumbnails of your most visited sites to help you navigate quickly to them. That’s normally pretty helpful and cool, as long as one of the sites you visit often isn’t one that you would just as soon people not know about, like say Perez Hilton. Now on the tab page you have the ability to delete sites that you’d just as soon not have the boss or the mate know that you thaaat much.

Full Screen Mode: Google Chrome, by it’s minimalism, by default, gives you plenty of room to view your web page. Sometimes you just want a little more. Now by toggling F11 key there is a full-screen mode to use every pixel available.

Form Autofill: The browser now, also has, Form Autofill so that as you fill out web forms, previous information that you have entered is added to forms automatically. Stored information can be cleared out from the tools menu.

Okay, now you can say, that’s nice but not very exciting, all browsers do that kind of stuff. Probably the most significant changes to Google Chrome is under the hood. Over 300 bugs that caused crashes have been fixed. Probably the most important to me, the reason I use Google Chrome, the fastest browser has gotten 30% faster.

If you’re already using Google Chrome, it will update automatically — if you want to give it a try, install it from

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