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Keep him away from me
Image by techgolem via Flickr

I’m sad to see the demise of Circuit City.  During the start-up boom of the 90’s I was in Santa Cruz, CA.  The other kids and I were so happy when Circuit City decided to move to our town.  There we were, a start-up full of geeks and no place to buy electronics.

We’ll miss you Circuit City, though we haven’t been to see you in  a long time.  I guess your were the working prototype for Best Buy.

Sad Photo from Gizmodo

Sad photo from Gizmodo.

If you don’t know Santa Cruz, it’s a quirky beach resort town 33 miles south of  San Jose, separated by a dangerously winding road through the Santa Cruz mountains, Highway 17.  Santa Cruz is only accessible by Highway 17 or the equally treacherous Pacific coast Highway 1, which makes it kind of  an island.

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