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A more or less weekly collection of links worth following to give you a taste of what’s happening in the world of tech. » PRESENTATION- SOCIAL NETWORKS – HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE (2008) – Slideshow presentation about what are social networks – with a tee shirt theme.

Creative Freedom Foundation- Home – There is a web protest underway over a law to be enacted in New Zealand which will require Internet Service Providers to take down sites accused (not proven) of copyright infringement.   It’s being called a violation of freedom of speech.  Participating site are blacking out their profile pictures.

Google wins Street View privacy suit – Digital Media – CNET News -  Google wins an invasion of privacy suit against their Street View feature in Google Maps.  They are often in the soup over this feature.

Day 4 – Pirate Bay Defense Calls Foul Over Evidence – TorrentFreak – An account of the trial of the Pirate Bay site for software piracy.

Gmail Labs- Ten Gmail Labs Features You Should Enable – What would an Enquiring Mimes list be without a plug for Gmail?  Here’s a list of new Gmail features worth trying.

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