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PDF files were invented as a lingua franca for document and graphic files – in theory they will look and print the same way on any computer and printer.

In that role they work pretty well and can be a convenient way to send documents through email.  They are also a very convenient way to share a web page with another person while expecting they are going to see all the same information as you saw.  It’s also a very reliable way to save web site pages.

But how to easily create a PDF from a web page?

PDF Download, which has been available as a Firefox plugin, is now available as a bookmarklet.

Bookmarklets are handy little pieces of code that can be dragged into your bookmark toolbar and just need to be pressed to activate.

In the case of PDF Download, go to the page you want to convert, press the Save Page as PDF bookmarklet and your page will be converted and downloaded for you.  It’s a great way to use PDF Download without installing a plug-in, especially in browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, but works equally well in Firefox.

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