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thirty-seven: and this month, I joined a cult

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I worry about wasting time, but since the concept of “wasting” can be subjective, I’ll just call it being “productive”.

There is no way to be more productive without having some way of measuring how you actually go about using your day – that’s where ManicTime helps.

ManicTime is a free Windows-only time management tool that tracks how long each of your applications are active each day.

manic_time_logoI tried a couple of hours test on myself today,  ManicTime appeared to be very accurate but the results were eye-opening.

How do I think I spend my time?  Visiting web sites, writing about them, writing email – that kind of thing.

These are my results for the a couple hours today.  When I look at what applications I was using all seemed fine.  I use two browsers and flip back and forth – that seemed fine, and since I tend to use Web apps, I also wasn’t surprised at the time I was spending  in the browser.

The surprise came when I ran the cursor over that fancy colored bar and I found that there was detailed information about what I had been doing in the browser. Working?  Well, spending about twenty minutes on a jag through the Wikipedia on prurient topics – oops.  ManicTime tells all.

Another really useful feature of ManicTime is the ability to tag time working and time away so that you really have a record of your day – especially being able to tag meetings and phone calls.

I’m going to watch for a couple of days and maybe I can shame myself out of some of my time wasting behavior – we’’ see.


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