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No surprise to readers here, I like love Google’s Gmail. I think it is a great way to read email and not only is it the best web-based email system, it’s the best overall mail reader including on the Mac and Outlook on the PC.

My gushing fanboy support for Gmail always had one caveat — it couldn’t be used offline. What to do in planes and locations without wi-fi?

Problem solved.

Gmail now uses the open source Gears technology which allows websites to be used offline by storing necessary information while online.

You can now read your already received email and compose new messages while offline. When you’re back online the messages will be sent.

If you’re a Gmail users, and why wouldn’t you be, go to the Labs menu in settings and enable Offline. This one put a menu entry in of Offline (1.0) in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose that option and you will be guided through installing Gears, if necessary, and storing information on your computer.

There is even a “Flaky Connection Mode” that can be used to stay safe when you can’t trust your connection, as is often the case with public wi-fi spots like coffee shops.

More info from the source.

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