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I recently felt the need to questions my motives and my thinking since I’ve lately had become very curmudgeonly towards Apple. I’ve always been a fan, make that fanboy. I love the beauty and seeming simplicity of Macs and OS X. I’ve been buying Macs for 25 years and am typing on a Macbook even now.

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So, eh, what’s up doc?

I think the answer is that I’m either getting cheap or pragmatic in my later years. For every Mac in Apple’s catalog, I can buy just as powerful (or a great deal more so) PC for about 50%. Macs are beautiful and elegant and absolutely should win design awards, but when I’m trying to get the most for my limited bucks do I want art or functionality?

Once it made sense, Macs were so much easier to use and there was only a bit of a price premium. Then Microsoft really blew it by shipping Windows Vista before it really worked. It made older computers when upgraded with Vista into boat anchors.

Apple Mac mini
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The simple truth is now Vista works just fine and we’re talking about buying new computers, a basic PC today has a couple of gigs of memory, a couple hundred gigabyte disk drive, an optical drive which can write CDs and DVDS, is 64 bit (which really doesn’t mean a damn thing to most people) and probably has dual-core (which does). Computers like these are available at most outlets for around $400. A weakly configure Mac Mini costs $799.

Daniel Vast got it right in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece,

Like eating only locally grown food or majoring in gender studies at college, Macs have become luxuries that command a premium out of all proportion to their utility — unless their utility is simply to broadcast your own disposable income. For a long time the extra cost of a Mac wasn’t outlandish and seemed justified by its great design and ease of use.

Don’t get me wrong. Macs are great products and very cool and ultra-hip. The question I keep asking is it really that cool to spend money to be cool?

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