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good procrastination

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I don’t know whether you procrastinate, I do.  Usually I think I procrastinate for the best possible reasons, you know not doing what you’re supposed to be doing because you’re doing something more important.  It’s really not true for me, I just put stuff off.

I found an article called 7 Ways to Get Up, Get Out, and Get Something over on blackweb2.0 — I thought great,

I can always waste a little time dreaming

about how I can stop procrastinating.  That aside, I found some advise that, if I keep to it, can help.

Here’s a few that hit home for me.  Emphasis is mine, it’s the part I need to work on to be more productive.

Do It Now! Do It Now!

This is the number one way to kill procrastination before it starts. Take immediate action. Sometimes we trick ourselves by saying we need to prepare, get ready, do research, use a lifeline. Don’t fall into this trap! Get on task and do it now. Immediately…after you finish reading this post, though.

Stick to the Plan

Anytime you can put something on a schedule and set aside a block of time, do it. When you have a plan ahead of time, it’s easier to stay on point. You will be well prepared mentally to take action when that time comes because you’re expecting it. Being able to visualize what you need to do in the near future will make it much less intimidating.

Make It Happen On The Regular

Being a productive and effective person is like fighting an uphill battle for most of us. Sometimes you make progress, but often you slide back down. Don’t feel bad. It happens to all of us. If you can make it a habit to complete tasks, even small ones, on a regular basis, then you will develop foot-holds moving upward. Eventually, you reach the top and it’s all downhill from there. Staying on top of your schedule is key to forming these good habits.

Read the entire article.

What’s your best trick for stopping procrastinating?  Tell us in the comments.

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