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ril_logoI admit it. When I’m reading web pages I’m a compulsive ctrl-clicker. If you don’t have this ADD-like habit, in most browsers if you press the control key and click with your mouse on a link, the link opens in a new tab.

Yikes, after ten minutes or so, I have tabs open from here to the freeway.  These are all pages that I want to take a closer look at but may not want to keep around forever in bookmarks.

Read It Later is a Firefox plugin that let’s me mark web pages for later reading.  It also allows me to sort the pages I’ve collected by date added, alphabetically, sitename or apply a “quality” score to the page, automatically using PostRank, so that when I have time, I can read the most important pages first.

A “Click to Save” mode let’s me collect pages to read just by clicking on the link without having to open the page.  It’s great for a compulsive clicker like me.   Also nice is the ability to synchronize my reading list between computers and an offline mode that let’s me read my pages while not online like on a plane or in my case, at dog agility.

Download Read It Later [via webworkerdaily]


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