A rumor we hope is true


There’s a rumor making the rounds today that Google might announce a Mac version of their free Picasa photo organizer at 2009 MacWorld and we think that would be just great.

We got the rumor from the Googling Google blog over at zdnet and it would make sense. The story of a Mac version of Picasa has been kicking around at least a year since TechCrunch carried this one, Google Developing Mac Version Of Picasa , Due To Be Released This Year.

Why the excitement?

No matter what the PC or Mac fans tell you, there’s not really much difference between what you can do with a PC or a Mac, but Picasa is one of the coolest, most useful pieces of software that  can’t be run on a Mac (the other, if you really want to know, is Microsoft OneNote).  Making Picasa available directly available for the Mac would be one less reason to need to run a solution likeVMware’s Fusion which allows you to run Windows on a Mac.

There is already a slightly lame version of Picasa that runs on Linux.  It’s somewhat lame because it uses WINE technology to work.  WINE is the famous, this-would-be-so-cool-if-it-only-actually-worked way of running Windows on other platforms without needing Windows, kind like how useful it might be to have your blood pumped through your body without needing a heart.

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  • http://motivatethyself.com Eric Hamm

    Thanks for the heads up! I love Picasa and just about any Google product. One less reason to dual boot my MacBook.

  • http://notnews.today.com/ David Gerard

    Personally I run the Windows version of Picasa on Linux with Wine, not the Linux version 😉 Everything works.

  • Sparr

    Say what? I use WINE to run dozens of windows applications and games in Linux on a regular basis. It “actually-works” for plenty of people. The application database (appdb.winehq.org) lists thousands of applications working nearly flawlessly, and thousands more that work with some caveats.

  • gh

    Cool…maybe this will involve a large contribution to the Wine project: Quartz support for native interface widgets. That will be awesome!

  • n8

    Hmm, I've been using WINE technology to play the hell out of Guild Wars on my Mac for the last month. It works staggeringly well. The game plays perfectly. If it was just this one game that played so well, that alone would be an amazing achievement, but WINE can also run plenty of other apps and games with similar aplomb. No, it doesn't always work, but you shouldn't be so quick to dismiss such an impressive project.